Eddie Mattocks

🤖 Are you concerned about the consolidation of power in AI? Meredith Whittaker's insights on the Tech Policy Press podcast are a must-listen! 🎧


Whittaker, a seasoned AI researcher, sheds light on the ethical dangers of AI technology being used by a few dominant corporations. She talks about her time at Google, her advocacy against "AI exceptionalism," and the need for stringent regulations and transparency in AI development.


Her call to action? Join forces across communities to actively push back against AI exploitation in areas like policing and immigration. It’s about fostering a fair, accountable AI landscape that champions social justice and inclusivity. 


🌍 Want to get involved? Support policies promoting transparency and equity in AI, and don't forget to share this message! 💬 Let's discuss below: How do you think we can assist in making AI more accountable?


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